About Hereditary Angioedema Asia Pacific

Hereditary Angioedema Asia Pacific is a community for Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) patients, carers, medical professionals and others who would like to connect with others to learn about HAE, help educate others, create awareness within the countries throughout the Asia Pacific region.
HAE is a rare genetic and life-threatening condition caused by C1 esterase inhibitor deficiencies in the body.
Our mission is to achieve optimal standards of care and treatment for all those patients affected by HAE no matter where they live so they can live a fulfilled life.


  • Connect and link with other patients living with Hereditary Angioedema in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Support for patients and their families living with Hereditary Angioedema.

  • Updates on individual country HAE member organisations, events and news in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Up to date information on what is happening around the globe on Hereditary Angioedema.

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Chief Regional Patient Advocate
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